The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain Draft jpg

The central character in this gripping story which is set against the background of Cape Town and the West Coast of South Africa is Margot Rowlands, a strong-minded woman who in her early forties has lost none of her youthful attractiveness and rules her life and her family with a firm hand.

Beset by thoughts of her oncoming middle years she is an easy victim for a little romantic adventure on the side. But what she palms off to herself as a harmless flirt develops into an obsessive affair, becoming for her an escape into a secret world.

A talented amateur actress, she uses her acting abilities to cover up her underlife, a balancing act which collapses when her affair is abruptly ended by a tragic accident and she is charged with murder. Seeking to escape the burdens of guilt while trying to prove her innocence, she becomes the victim of a tragic fate which has its roots in her secret past.


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