The Winner’s Curse

Cover WinCurse V_Final_jpg

An amusing, intelligently told, suspenseful mystery thriller and love story that takes place against the backdrop of the shadowy world of the banking community. The story is told through the eyes of an insider and, although fiction and the characters are composites (but not boring or clichéd), the reader gets the impression that this scam could really happen in the real world.

The escapades of the hero, Mark, in attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice soon endanger his life  and that of his lady love Nathalie, who is married to the top honcho organising the scam and scheming to break out of her gilded cage.

The spiralling threat to their lives keeps the reader on edge, wondering from one moment to the next if the scam will succeed or Mark will be successful in thwarting his adversary and winning over Nathalie .

Full of twists and turns the dramatic ending is a surprising and unpredictable finish.


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