David S Fisher, Novelist (a.k.a. Dale Stevens)


I was born and raised in the UK but have spent most of my professional life in various parts of Europe and have settled with my family in Bonn, Germany. Since retirement, I write novels for the discerning reader, under my own name and the pen name, Dale Stevens.

My genres consist of:
— (Under David S. Fisher) a mixture of crime and mystery thrillers, detective fiction, mystery suspense. I also author the detective crime fiction series based on the casebook of Chief Supt. Frank Kruger of the Munich CID.
— (Under Dale Stevens) contemporary and literary fiction, dealing with dramatic themes plotted in contemporary settings with a strong romance or psychological element.

My stories are set against an international background, mainly Europe.

In my writing, I strive for tightly plotted and professionally executed story-telling and idiosyncratic, distinguishable and memorable characters — and to write solid, entertaining, and finely paced books with depth and humour.

My website is divided up into sections.

  • To introduce my books and list current and previous reviews
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