David S Fisher, Novelist (a.k.a. Dale Stevens)



Welcome to my WEBSITE.

I was born and raised in the UK but have spent most of my professional working life as a management consultant in various parts of Europe and have settled with my family in Bonn, Germany. Since retirement, I write novels for the discerning reader.

My genres consist of a mixture of mystery thrillers and mystery fiction, mystery suspense, including psychological dramas, all set against an international background. I also author the detective crime fiction series based on the casebook of Chief Supt. Frank Kruger, head of the serious crimes division in the Bavarian capital of Munich. Volume 1 (The Ways of Justice) is already published. Volume 2 is due at the end of the year.

The underlying theme of my books is white-collar crime with a European flair. I strive for well plotted and professionally executed story-telling and idiosyncratic, distinguishable and memorable characters to enthral the reader. In a word, to write solid, entertaining, racy and pacey books but ones with depth and humour — and not forgetting a romance interest.

I am active on social media, comment on European and Middle East politics, and keep fit with daily exercises and playing golf. I’m keen on quality films, love serious music, especially the classics, Italian food and Northern Italy.

My favourite quote is: “A Book is Light in the Darkness.”

This site is divided up into pages

  • To introduce my books and list current and previous reviews … see the respective book page
  • To offer FREE BOOKS … see the GALLERY tag
  • To link the reader to a book page where the book can be purchased
  • To enable interested readers to sign up for information on my books.

Please navigate by using the main MENU at the top of this page to see more of my books, purchase details, info blogs and so on.

Read and enjoy!


Having said all that, let me introduce you to the gang.

There’s Joey, our sales manager:


Winnie, our editor-in-chief:


Jiggs, our art work gal:


And Speedy, our runner:

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