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Full of dry wit, this modern love story and suspenseful mystery thriller is set in the mountains and lakes of Switzerland and the medieval town of Zurich. The central character, Mark, an anti-hero type and moraliser, loses his job as an investment manager under mysterious circumstances. While he and his IT guru friend, Fred, are bent on clearing his name of any wrongdoings, he discovers a scam in progress which involves the man who fired him. Mark’s search for the facts takes him to Switzerland where he meets the inscrutable Nathalie who is tied up in an unhappy marriage to, it turns out, the mastermind behind the scam. Mark and Nathalie begin an affair seemingly based on mutual convenience but it soon turns to love. For them, the road is by no means smooth as the husband is not willing to give up his wife and is prepared to go to extremes to get rid of Mark. When it appears that some mysterious figures are waiting in the wings ready to cash in on the scam, Mark and Fred and Natalie soon find themselves unwillingly drawn into the epicentre of a conspiracy and their lives in danger.


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By Josh D (5 STARS)

This Story Takes You on a Great Ride!

In this cleverly titled book, David Fisher weaves a delightfully amusing tale set in the cutthroat world of corporate banking. The main character, Mark, is intent on thwarting a banking scheme–more like a scam. His efforts unfold with uncertain success, one after another—keeping the reader on edge. Mark and the heroine, Nathalie, experience a gamut of emotions (among other things, their lives are in danger), and the reader does too–right along with the characters. I enjoy dry humor, and this story has it in spades. And like every good story, there’s a twist at the end. At times the writing comes across as a bit “choppy,” but don’t let that stop you. This is a well told story, and definitely worth the read. Highly recommended.

By Marc Secchia (4 stars)

Read for a wicked thrill

An excellent, adrenalin-laced thriller set in the world of international banking which moves for the most part at a madcap clip and keeps the reader guessing where the story will go. Fisher writes confidently about the world of international corporate banking, and is particularly strong in delivering believable characters driven by a variety of emotions – greed, lust, fear. The main character, Mark Shearer, is a likable blend of old-fashioned knight and modern man, he seeks the moral high ground but has a weakness for beautiful women.

I really gelled with the writer’s dry wit and the way it was delivered throughout the story. The writing style is particularly staccato. While suiting a thriller well, the odd conjunction would have been appreciated by this reader.

Aiming for a point between humorous, romance and thriller was a fascinating premise which Fisher delivers admirably for 99% of the book, except when we descend into the macabre – there’s a particularly tasteless scene around 80% of the way through, delivered to characterise the bad guy, which for me stepped over the line. No longer thriller or humorous, just sick and unnecessary. I suppose we all have our lines we don’t like to cross. And on that note, the cover gets my thumbs down. Don’t judge this book by its cover, because the story’s great apart from what I outlined above!

My summary:
Parental guidance – no under 18
Editing – sound, a couple of nitpicks
Style – espresso
Characters – top of the line, lots of fun, believable
Plot – gonzo, fast moving
Humour – plenty of it
Thrill factor – ticks all the boxes

By Kindle Customer (5 stars)

Wicked Good Thriller

An executive that knows too much. Management relocates him to cut him off and keep him from digging more into the companies less than legal operations. The move however, only incites the hero Mark Shearer, and makes him ever more determined to get to the truth. Enlisting the help of a coworker/lover/friend Kirstin, they use friends with ‘tech benefits’ to spy on the company.

Then there is the company deceit, which shows how easily corporations move our world, manipulate our lives and rampage with impunity in world financial markets. This is a story far too close to reality, luckily it was spiced with humor, romance and a good guy hero you will root for. Mark becomes a bit of a well, ‘domesticated James Bond” as he always seems to find his way into a beautiful woman’s bed while saving the world and himself.

Splashed with cons, counter-cons, wicked humor, twists and turns, The Winner’s Curse is an all out thriller. The plot is intricately woven, leaving the reader a few crumbs, but managing to keep you guessing at the same time. The characters are fully developed, the story well-researched, and the ending will leave you smiling and stunned. A recommended read for sure.

By Amazon Customer (5 stars)


An absolute thriller, really gripping read for me as I have a business background and the attitude of the characters remind me of several I have encoutnered over the years, The ending is great too, MUST BUY

By Josep  (5 stars)

A romantic thriller for our times

The Winner’s Curse is a romantic thriller for our times. Mark Shearer works for a global investment company in London and gets transferred to Germany. As he becomes more immersed in corporate culture, he uncovers a banking scam in this “get rich or get out” financial world. He also jockeys in a love triangle with two very different women who may or may not be involved in the scam. This is a masculine, intelligent, sexy thriller of the mind with natural dialogue and realistic characters. It is clear that David S. Fisher knows the world of finance as well as modern technology. The twist ending fits in perfectly with our current world reality. I would not be surprised to see a movie version!

By John C. David (5 stars)

Romance Thriller book of good quality.

Fast-paced, suspenseful and well- written. Winner’s Curse by David Fisher is one the of the best novels I’ve read in Kindle.

Mark Shearer, the main character, is a smart VP of GI who noticed a conspiracy between some of the GI’s executives when he was transferred to Frankfurt. With the help of Kirsten Bower, his techy friend Fred and Natalie; he was able to uncover mysteries and that is when the real story began. Shearer’s determination to expose the truth is remarkable which was recognized all through out the book. The other characters featured in this book also have interesting personalities which truly made the story even more exciting.

I enjoyed reading this book. I could state this book is nothing but serious quality.The author’s wit in writing is really admirable. Hoping to read more books from him in the future.

The Winner’s Curse: A humorous romance thriller will be a great read for novel readers who like suspense/thriller books. Even if you are not fond of novels, this book is worth the read. Highly recommended!

By CBuck “Carla Buckley” (5 stars)

Thrilling thriller

I have just finished this fast paced thriller and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the thriller genre. It follows hero Mark who gets reassigned to the Frankfurt Office when he is on the verge of discovering something wrong with the numbers in his department. He then continues to covertly investigate and finds some major-scale corruption. This novel is full of ups and downs, humour and tragedy. I really like Fred, Mark’s IT expert. He is a character brimming with personality. In conclusion, a thriller well worth reading.

By Andrew Mavrikios “Sharkys” (5 stars)

A Must Read for Mystery/Thriller Fans

This is an absorbing mystery/thriller with a cleverly worked in romance conflict and a tight plot. The author writes well, and I especially enjoyed the way he keeps the reader guessing about what is going to happen next without giving away more than absolutely necessary.
The story is nicely paced, the reader being given just enough information to maintain interest, suspense and at times to make him/her shiver with the characters. There is a lot going on and the author does a good job of keeping the story smooth and suspenseful.
The chief character, Mark, and his two girlfriends, Nathalie and Kirsten, are nicely constructed and, together with the antagonist, Nathalie’s husband and his hidden agenda, drive the story until the dramatic and surprising ending.

By Susan (5 stars)

An amusing, suspenseful mystery thriller

An amusing, suspenseful mystery thriller that takes place against the backdrop of the shadowy world of the banking community. Although fiction and the personalities are, as the author states, composites (but not boring or clichéd) you get the impression that this scam could really happen in the real world. The adventures of the hero, Mark, and Nathalie who to begin with has only one aim – to escape from the gilded cage her husband keeps her in – serve to endanger their own existence. This ongoing threat to their lives keeps the reader on edge. All the time one wonders if the scam will succeed or Mark will be successful in thwarting the scam and his adversary. The dramatic ending is a surprising finish.

The story is intelligently told and a real enjoyment. I got through it in three sittings – unusual for me.

After this, I’m about to read another one of this author’s works.

By Dirk E. (5 stars)

Quality Read

This is listed as a thriller. But it’s much more. A character-driven story telling of how easily in our modern age the financial markets can be manipulated.
A must read if you like a scam with a business background, a bunch of credible, rounded characters each with his or her own agenda, a triangle of deceit and jealousy, finely paced tension, and a great climatic finish. If you do, then you shouldn’t miss this one.
It’s a thriller with a difference – not too much action, but with depth and a well-researched plot. In a word: a quality read.



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