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He is a new figure in Crime Fiction, is chief of the Munich Serious Crimes division and the lead figure in the Series.

A revival of the noir type of anti hero, he is a cynical, worn-down top cop with a wry humour and a romantic vein for the good old days but nonetheless very much in tune with the needs of a modern police force. He sees the grimy and shadowy aspects of big- city crime emanating from the unplumbed depths of the criminal environment – his conviction being that the courts invariably choose to punish the most obvious culprit and not the criminal mind behind the crime. In his first case, he is fighting an uphill battle against an ingrained judicial system and comfortably ensconced bureaucrats, but succeeds in the most subtle of ways of seeing justice done.

Read the three books in the Frank Kruger Trilogy — either as separate standalone novels or the three-book compendium.

Each book in the series is a standalone story covering a major case set against a specific background. Volume 1 deals with a murder in the fashion industry, Volume 2 with a terrorist attack on a leading politician who, it appears is being sacrificed for political reasons, and Volume 3 is set against a background of corruption and fraud in the world of art.