In this fast-paced and suspenseful second book in the DCS Frank Kruger psychological and mystery thriller trilogy, the Serious Crime A squad is pitted against the murderers of a top government official in the Bavarian metropolis of Munich.

A gang of right-wing militants is suspected of the deed but because of the approaching state elections the politicians are anxious to find a quick and dirty solution and to move on, making however the investigation that much more difficult and complex for Kruger’s officers.

Only Andrea, the dead man’s outspoken, no-nonsense journalist daughter, is not prepared to kowtow to any politician and is having none of it. Irrespective of whose toes she treads on, she takes matters into her own hands to see that her father’s killers are brought to justice … causing Kruger ever more headaches. She believes she is being helpful. He fears her erratic exploits will endanger her own life. A thought she dismisses with verve.

The storyline digs into the psychology of terrorists and anti-terrorism police alike and takes the reader, in parts, on a suspenseful journey along the edges of urban terrorism until the ringleader is caught. But it is not the person Andrea was expecting.





This book is perfect for those that like a good, well-plotted crime thriller.
When Andrea’s father is murdered she takes matters into her own hands and, with Kruger’s help, they slowly uncover the mystery.
Full of twists and intrigue, hitting on a lot of points that are becoming more and more real and relevant to today’s life.
It is the second in the series which I didn’t realise at first but, it holds up on its own. So, there is no need to read the first one first, but if you enjoy this one, do what I may do and go read it now.
Like many other reviewers have said, this would probably make a good movie. I know less than nothing about German politics, but this author either knows his stuff or has lied well enough to fool me!

This is the second book in the series and I have not read the first, but I didn’t have to. It works on it’s own as a stand alone. I really enjoyed the novel, its pacing and the writing. I’m not going to post any spoilers, but I had a feeling who the bad guy really was shortly after a plot twist was introduced. I still enjoyed the journey getting to the point where it was finally revealed.

The characters are all well fleshed out and I can tell the author either worked in government or did extensive research as nothing seemed unbelievable in the investigation into who killed Wulf Christenson

4  stars

In this well-informed police procedural mystery, the assassination of a German state Minister in Munich has the hallmark of a neo-Nazi hit written all over it. The authorities, not surprisingly, treat it as an act of terror perpetrated by the far right movement. But the office for counter-terrorism does a shoddy job of the investigation and is fooled into believing that the perpetrators are dead. The daughter of the assassinated minister, Andrea Christensen, is neither pleased nor convinced, and so desperate for justice is she that she infiltrates the Far Right’s underground unit in search of answers. Interestingly, her investigation leads her into the bosom of her father’s suspected enemies and into the bed of the one man she has no business falling in love with.

The plot development is clued-up and the setting quite interesting but the writing style is casual, and a little slack, with quite a handful of proof-reading errors. The end, though brilliant, is a bit deceptive and somehow confusing because misleading people into believing the opposite of a thing is true is not the same thing as Identity Theft as portrayed in the epilogue. Still, I enjoyed Deadly Revenge and will gladly recommend it to lovers of police procedural crime thrillers.

5  stars

This is an extraordinary, well written police thriller that keep the pages turning late into the night. Set in Germany, the story opens at the birthday party of Wulf Christiansen, a political leader who plans to introduce legislation to better control the rise of violence and terrorism in Germany. Christiansen fears the rise of a Fourth Reich. Wulf is assassinated the next day and his journalist daughter, Andrea, is intent on finding her father’s assassin. The plot is intricate, well woven and keeps the reading guessing and the tale is multi-faceted and complex and not unlike the nationalism now sweeping Europe. The book is a political thriller loaded with German politics and family dynamics. The pacing and tension are remarkable and I recommend it highly.

5 stars

Gruenwald Forest (Munich, Germany burb). Andrea Christensen (28, Wulf/Ruth’s daughter, PhD, journalist, reporter, West Deutsche Zeitung), Wulf Christensen (Andrea’s father, Hamburg U, lawyer, Ministrial Director), Ruth Christensen (Andrea’s mother), were having a evening dinner at their home.

Alex Baumann & Wulf who worked in the Bavarian State Ministry (Munich, Germany) were discussing Wulf’s antiterrorism legislation bill.
Wulf & Andrea later discussed her future in politics.
BOOM!, the next morning 2 cars were in total ruins.
DI Mario Ziegler (Munich PD, CID, aka Cowboy) & DCI Jakob Brandt (Counter Terrorism Division, CTD), were on the scene investigating.
DCS Frank Kruger wanted to know the report on the terrorism atrocity.
Police Chief Commissioner Henri Winkler (Munich PD) called a meeting to order about the assassination of Wulf.

The Apostles of the Right (radical rightwing group) from Argentina were taking credit for the hit. The Federal Crime Agency (Wiesbaden, Germany) is headed out for Buenos Aires to hunt down the terrorists involved in this horrible act of violence.
Seem like a easy matter to solve; terrorists eliminated, case closed.
Andrea was alive & well, & not happy about the decision at all, so she went to see DI Ziegler with some thoughts & concerns.
The 2 went to speak with Leo Kowalsky (Wulf’s BMF, former security head, Verfassungsschutz).

DCS Frank Kruger met with the Director of criminal investigations Ulrich Diel.
Inspector Monika “Moni” Tiller (SCD, CID) had been assigned to work with Andrea on the Gruenwald murder investigation.
Ruth (50+) had survived also.
Monika & Andrea (nee Kosnik) were going through Wulf’s personal belongings.
Next stop for the 2 woman Alex Baumann (family friend, defense lawyer).

Andrea quit Vorwaerts & is now working, living & sleeping with Burt Krauss (politician).
Martina Niemeier (35+, Josef’s wife), Josef Niemeier (aka Zuro, hit man, dishonourable discharge, Bundeswehr, SERCO electronics engineering co.), & Conrad Niemeier (brother, electronics engineer), had all neen murdered. But why, & by whom?
Will the murder mystery be pieced together? Who will be brought to justice for the heinous crimes?

A very awesome book cover, great font & writing style. A very well written poltical covert operation book. Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns & a huge set of unique characters to keep track of. This could also make another great political espionage movie, or better yet a mini TV series. To be continued? A very easy rating of 5 stars.


5 stars

Who assassinated Wulf Christensen? That’s a good question and his daughter Andrea would like answers. Christiansen is apparently killed because of his attempts to confront elements in the German government that represent a potential threat–a threat of a Fourth Reich. In this well written and well told story, David Fisher offers up intrigue, terrorism, murder, and mystery, all set in the context of German politics, police work, and WWII history. DCS Frank Kruger is on the case, as they say, and the web of political dealings, police actions, and plot twists keep the reader intrigued and yes… guessing. The characters (especially Kruger) and the dialogue have the ring of authenticity, and it’s easy to get caught up in the story. I have to say: This book is a pleasant surprise and I’m pleased to recommend it.

5 stars

I was deceived at first by the cover of this novel, expecting pages full of graphic violence. While there is violence and action, the story is more thought provoking and mysterious. I found the setting in Germany very intriguing, as well as the insight into police procedure. This book is full of twists and turns and left me wanting more! I will definitely read more books in the series. Well done.

5 stars

Really good book. Just finished reading it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story line was excellent awith more than enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. I thought the characters were great, well developed and easy to invest in. So that by the end of the book you are really caught up in what happens to them. If you have an afternoon to spare and want to curl up in front of the fire with a great book, then treat yourself and read this.

5 stars


In Deadly Revenge you become acquainted with a variety of characters in regards to solving the assassination of Wulf Christensen. I’m not familiar with police investigations, although, reading Deadly Revenge the plot felt authentic. Wulf’s daughter, Andrea is the main reason why the closed assassination case of her father was reopened, determined to weed out the main culprits that organized the hit. Which is an unexpected twist.

I never leave spoilers, though, there were a couple of scenes where I, the reader, would’ve liked to have been involved. To see the action being played out, instead of hearing about what happened afterwards from Andrea, and at one point, a gun shot victim.

5 stars

A competently plotted and written thriller about a politically motivated terror plot.
With great authenticity and knowledge about police procedures and German society, this books feels very life like and engaging. I enjoyed this read and loved the excellent ending in particular, when everything is revealed.

5 stars

This book has it all: politics, extremism, terrorism, murder and family affair, combined in a breathtaking story. David Fisher is painting a vivid picture on the background of Germany’s history. For me, the essence of this book is, are we as a society able to hold the balance between protecting democracy and, at the same time, approve of ‘an enlarged framework in which we have to deal with violence and terrorism’.
Deadly Revenge is a temporary story on the background of political experience. It definitely is well researched and with a lot of insight into the web of political wheelings, dealings and manipulations which we all are part of. A breathtaking read! I strongly recommend. Well done, David Fisher. Wholeheartedly,5 stars


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