Linda Watkins (5 stars)

A mesmerizing read. The characters, especially the protagonist, Margot, are complex and believable. The setting is in post-apartheid South Africa and the infusion of different cultural elements enhances the story and draws the reader in. The plot moves along effortlessly and it is a book that is difficult to put down.

Samantha Burnell (5 stars)

A fast paced read. The dialogue between the characters is snappy and fresh, and it is easy to hear the conversations in your head as if you were right there next to them, or sat at the same table. The plot has been well crafted and run smoothly through the novel, the characters develop well and by the time you approach the end you have gained a real feeling of what they think and feel. Margot (the lead character) will remain with you for some time after you close this book.

Thomas Whaley (5 stars)

I, like many, enjoy a good psychological thriller – but this one had all the elements needed to make it a great one! I found myself finding spare moments throughout the day to get in just a few more pages. It  is well-written, intense and full of those twists and turns that keep you focused – especially on Margot. Although extreme at times, you can easily understand how one can spiral when struggling with faded youth and the gnawing feeling of “ordinary” or “average”. I highly recommend this book.

J. M. Northup (5 stars)

An interesting and refreshing book to read. It was a refreshing story line with realism, romance, and a glimpse into the human psyche of the melancholy of aging. I thought it was well written, particularly considering the main character is a female and the author is not. I also enjoyed the paranormal elements of the African tribal lore. This was a fascinating story on many levels.

Alex (5 stars)

This is a gripping story that captured my attention with its raw psychological drama. Overall, this was an exciting and mysterious thriller which I would recommend.

Amazon Buyer (5 stars)

This is a captivating story, set in Cape Town, South Africa. The author has wrote a thrilling, physiological drama, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is well written an edited, and the author has a natural ability to suck you into the story and make you become invested in the characters.

Oliver Kingham (5 stars)

It is rare for me to pick up a mystery thriller, but this one is certainly worth it. From the opening paragraph, the novel drives on with ever-building suspense. The writing is tight, and the dialogue crackles. A good plot should be unpredictable, but at the same time inevitable, and the author certainly delivers here.

This book was updated and relaunched in 2018. The earlier title was The Final Curtain.