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He sought a quiet life on the Italian Rivera and found a nightmare.
A fast-paced, gripping, hardboiled mystery thriller packed with corruption, intrigue, murder and dramatic romance with an unforgettable finish.

The background to this suspenseful political thriller is the idyllic town of Sanremo on the Italian Riviera. Not the place to expect to find murder, corruption and political intrigue. Or so Nico Moretti, an attorney, thought when he moved there from the Big City in search of a more peaceful life. But over night he and his intrepid girlfriend, Susanna, become the chief suspects in a case of double murder. Faced with the seemingly arbitrary acts of the police and justice authorities, they need to have their wits about them as they attempt to prove their innocence. But the deeper he and Susanna get involved in tracing the true culprits, the more the psychological terror seems to increase. Soon they find themselves on the run but there is nowhere to run to. Finally, grasping at straws, they jump at an unexpected offer of a way out of their dilemma. Only, it soon looks as if it could be the beginning of a new nightmare.


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By Amazon Customer


One of the best I read lately.
I am a huge fan of this style.
Highly recommended

By Cathy Wilsonon

Wow – Action Adventure Thriller that Captivates!

Shadows of Darkness is exactly that. A well written suspense mystery thriller with well developed characters, a smoldering hot storyline, and an action packed, fast paced tempo, that twists and turns when you least expect it.
Fisher does an excellentn job reeling you in, and slapping on the cuffs for the rest of the story. The main characters, Nico, an attorney, and his bodacious girlfriend Susanna, end up pinned for murder, forced to defend and prove their innocence.
Start to finish this book commands attemtion. Fisher truly is a gifted writer, and I recommend you check this thriller out and let him know your thoughts – Bravo!

By John H

Dark and Shadowy–Just Like the Title Suggests

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but this one had me wondering what I’ve been missing out on. The writing is well done with a captivating rhythm. The author describes the locals and settings with detail and imagination, making you feel like you’re there in beautiful Italy for a first hand experience of the mystery, intrigue, and corruption. The main character, Nico, happens into disturbing circumstances. He and his girlfriend are charged with a murder they didn’t commit. While Nico is an attorney and not a detective, if he has any hope of avoiding prison, he must solve who actually committed the disturbing act. Only, he is working against seedy and shadowy forces in powerful places and faces peril at every twist and happenstance. The drama is faced paced, hard to put down, and the ending is a complete surprise–brace yourself! My only complaint is the the cover. Such a well written work deserves a professional looking cover. If you like mysteries, you’re going to like this one. This is an easy recommendation.CommentWas this review helpful to you?

By Jonny


I personally don’t really read mystery suspense books but I decided to give this a shot and see how it went. I definitely enjoyed the writing style of the author he has a very unique style that really conveys the story very adequately. I found the story to be very intriguing and I think I will definitely come back and read some more of these types of books.

By Kurt Schuett

Part Robert Langdon, Part Perry Mason, Nico Moretti Is All Mystery and Suspense on the Italian Plain

If you’re looking for a crime-thriller of global proportions, look no further than David Fisher’s debut novel. From its inception the reader is blindsided by a ghastly murder that implicates several powerful people in Italy. The reader meets the protagonist Nico Moretti, only to discover that his law tactics resemble those of Perry Mason; hence, Nico isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty, even though it often causes him trouble.
Chance and circumstance play a critical role in this book, but don’t think for one second the aforesaid shirks this story’s plot development. Mr. Fisher’s attention to detail leaves the reader feeling full as this book pushes the 400 page count.
The romantic relationships and love triangles that divulge and develop themselves throughout the novel are believable, and the characterization of both major and minor characters is spot on. As a professional courtesy to all future readers, prepare for white knuckles during this novel’s climax.
Since the main character is not a detective, this work fits nicely into the crime noir genre, but the complications, crises, and conflicts are as hard-boiled as they come. Part beautiful, part romantic, part dark, and part seedy, Shadows of Darkness is well worth the investment. If you have a penchant for Dan Brown-esque books, this would be a good pick for you.

By Robert L. Beck

Great Mystery/Thriller!

A taunt thriller that will have you turning the pages from the opening paragraph to the shocking and unexpected ending! Highly recommended!

By Dan Alatorre


At almost 400 pages, you can guess that this is going to be a slow-burning drama that unfolds at its own pace, and you’d be half right. It unfolds at its own pace, but it’s not a slow anything. This mystery grabs you quickly and doesn’t let go, and just keeps moving. You have the contrast of the beautiful Italian scenery amidst seedy corruption, delivered with an air of someone who’s really been there and seen it. Through a twist of bad fate, Nico Moretti and his wife suddenly find themselves in the middle of something they can’t get out of, with dangers at every turn. This is a tense, intriguing book that you will enjoy.

By John

Riveting thriller interspersed with humour and romance

From page one I fell under the spell of this excellent mystery thriller and dramatic love story. The book has an intriguing plot and a compelling story-line. The story begins at a pace fitting for the Italian Rivera, but soon whizzes along as the tension and the pychoterror increase for Nico and Susanna, our two heroes, and they find themselves up
against a corrupt bureaucracy and politically motivated shadowy figures, fighting to disprove the murder charges they are faced with. The conclusion is unforeseen and highly dramatic. Frankly I had a problem putting it down.
I found the writing fresh and easy to read and something beyond the stereotyped stuff you find in this genre and have no problem in giving this a five stars rating.



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