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A dazzling and finely paced contemporary mystery based on true events during the digital shake-up in the book publishing industry.

Johannes Prittmann’s family book publishing business is in trouble. The ageing owner has badly misjudged the force and speed of digitisation on the publishing business. However, his still successful firm has a reputation to be proud off, but only because he has successfully covered up his problems in the past. Now he is dying and fears that his life-long work will have been in vain. On no account does he want to sell out to a competitor, nor does he trust his playboy second son, Lukas, to run the business. He wants his firm to remain in family hands. But he has to move fast. He has only a short time to live. His only option is to recall his eldest son, Tom, who renounced his heritage and has built a new life in South Africa. Tom is reluctant to return but feels compelled to fulfil his dying father’s last wish – as a sign of giving back.

It is a promise he will soon learn to regret as his father’s decision will turn brother against brother, sister against sister and unearth family secrets only his widowed mother knows about. It will become a nightmare of deceit and conspiracy, of enmity and greed but, for him, he is determined not to go back on his promise to a dying man. He has given his word.



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