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This is the first book in a white-collar crime fiction series. It is set in Munich. The city’s location in south western Germany and its proximity to Austria, Switzerland, Italian and the Czech Republic make it the ideal choice for a mystery crime thriller series. International white-collar crime flourishes in this large area and the geographical complexity makes the work of DCS Frank Kruger that much more difficult.

The city’s history goes back more than 900 years when it was a major city in the Holy Roman Empire. Now it is better known for the October Fest and its football team, Bayern München, but also for the spectacular court trials which have taken place there in recent times.

Writing a crime fiction book based in a Central European environment has its problems, however. Especially as police work is differntly organised and the rank designations differnt to Anglo Saxon grades, but the author has tried to anglicise them and to make them more easily understandable to a non-German reader.

Each book in the series will be a standalone story covering a major case set against a specific background. Volume 2 is set against the background of a terrorist attack on a leading politician and Volume 3 is set against a background of corruption and fraud in the world of art. Volume 2 will be published at the end of April and Volume 3 around mid 2016.

Read and enjoy.


This story is a detective mystery packed with corruption, intrigue and murder and centres on a complex white-collar crime investigation which, hampered by politics and the machinations of competing power-hungry players, appears doomed from the beginning.

The mysterious death of Dolff Madden, a prominent citizen of Munich and president of an international fashion business, throws top party politicians into a tizzy, as they begin to fear what unpleasant secrets an investigation into the cause of his death could uncover. They want to leave the coroner’s verdict of accidental death untouched and to have the man’s burial hastened. Only the head of the Munich CID, DCS Frank Kruger and his serious crimes squad, think differently. The circumstances surrounding the death point to murder. But their hands are tied. Kruger, though, not one to give up easily or be deterred by officialdom and politics, begins an unofficial investigation to clear up the inconsistencies. But soon he finds himself drawn into a quagmire of murder, fraud, extortion and in-fighting among the powerful contenders for a share of the spoils in the plot – which began with the Madden’s murder – as he attempts to unravel a web of deceit and deception while walking a political tightrope to bring the white-collar perpetrators, who believe they are above the law, to justice.


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By Bookworm on June 28, 2015 (5 stars)

Well plotted thriller

A well plotted and professionally executed story set in Munich. A business man dies under suspicious circumstances and his driver goes missing at the same time. The company undergoes restructuring in ways that imply foul play. The victim and the company are of political interest and so investigations have to be discreet.
Fisher lets the story unfold slowly and gain momentum until the complexities and the field of players become clearer. The suspense grows steadily, as does the intrigue. The interwoven themes of financial and political corruption, family and company politics and intrigues make for some excellent plotting.
The team of detectives is well cast with excellent idiosynchrasies, distinguishable and memorable characters that lighten up the investigation. Being a big fan of the Bavarian capital and its citizens, this added extra spice to my reading experience.
The nature of its people has been captured very well.
A solid thriller.

The originals for the following can be seen at

By John H on July 4, 2015 (5 stars)

David Fisher Delivers Again

I have read other books by David Fisher. And this one delivers like the others. Frank Kruger is the senior officer of the Munich CID. As he unofficially looks into the death of one of the city’s leading business figures, he finds that “were there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Despite the political pressure to leave the case alone—an accidental death, supposedly, Kruger presses forward, placing himself in perpetual danger. It requires all of his skills as a detective, not only to solve the case but to stay alive. The maze of political corruption, business scheming, family politics, and murder keeps Kruger guessing and the reader intrigued. With all the twists and fascinating characters, this book is hard to put down. Fisher has written a great mystery novel, well worth the time for anyone interested in crime stories. It’s an enjoyable, fast paced read (especially after the first few chapters). I’m please to recommend it.
By CBuck “Carla Buckley”on June 26, 2015 (5 stars)

Fast paced mystery!

The story begins with the all powerful, international fashion industry businessman Dollf Madden’s supposed accidental death. Munich CID’s Frank Krugar decides to begin an unofficial investigation into his death, only to find there was more to the original verdict recorded.

What follows is a fast paced investigation that throws up several suspects. We have an injured man who keeps giving the police the slip, a company boss who seems to be impenetrable and a beautiful businesswoman who gives all the right answers.

This novel is cleverly tied up, and shows the investigation in full in a believable way. I’d thoroughly recommend this excellent read for anyone who enjoys a crime investigation novel. I look forward to reading further books in this series.

By Cynthia Smith on July 1, 2015 (5 stars)

Thrilling Book!

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters and the plot was simply hooking that I found it impossible to put down the book. This is the kind of book that makes you think, feel, jump and run along with the characters. This book centers on the mysterious death of one of the most respected men, Dolff Madden. Despite the politicians wishes to leave the verdict of accidental death as it is, the head of Munich CID, DCS Frank Kruger began an unofficial investigation that he soon found a web of murder, fraud, extortion and conspiracies. This book captivated my attention from the first few pages and I was left intrigued by what would happen next. I liked how the story unfolded and enjoyed the many interesting twists. This is a thrilling book. This definitely gets my five stars. Recommended!

By Susan on June 23, 2015 (5 stars)

Crime Fiction with a Refreshing Difference

In his debut case DCS Frank Kruger – a hard-driving but, underneath, fatherly figure leading his crew through thick and thin – faces a challenge few senior policemen enjoy: a case that seems doomed from the beginning. It requires all his detection abilities, personal aplomb and experience of human nature to solve. The story has nicely balanced pace and is spiced with humour and wit. Fisher has written a book which encompasses a clever understanding of the latter-day criminal mind in our white-collar generation, has a fascinating cast of characters and a plot which keeps the suspense moving and the reader in an iron grip right to the end.
Most enjoyable and highly recommended.

By Joseph on June 30, 2015 (5 stars)

The start of a captivating new detective series

David Fisher’s The Ways of Justice is a hard-boiled detective novel with a tough leading character, police detective Frank Kruger. This novel is a white collar crime mystery about corrupt politicians, political power plays, financial fraud and extortion, and blackmail, with a touch of fashion and humor. Set in Germany, the novel has a large cast of shady characters and enough plot twists and turns to hold the reader’s attention. This novel is not a quick, cozy read. It’s a lengthy work that darkly and accurately captures the sins of our time, including greed, hunger for power, and political deception. I am looking forward to the next novel, and to the movie!
By E Reader on July 3, 2015 (4 Stars)

Gritty and hard-hitting

Intriguing, hard-hitting, gritty thriller. Convincing dialogue and attention to detail makes this a read you’ll want to follow up with the author’s next book, and the next.



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