A finely spun, psychological mystery thriller full of deceit, drama and wry humour, this story centres around Margot Rowlands, a restless, married woman whose obsessive affair with a younger man turns out to be more than she bargained for when her lover dies under mysterious circumstances.

A secret woman by nature and a talented amateur actress, Margot successfully avoids becoming a suspect in a murder scenario which the police are developing. But the more intricate the web of lies and cover-ups she weaves to prove her innocence and the more she draws on her acting skills, the more she unsuspectingly directs attention to her secret life, alienating husband and daughter as their suspicions grow. She gets caught up in a vicious circle.

The case against her is not conclusive, but her distant past – purposely hidden from friends and family – comes to light during the investigation and weighs heavily against her. In court, she fights with the weapons of a desperate woman and edges her trial to a surprising conclusion.



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By Thomason

A Must Read Page Turner!

It often takes me about two weeks to finish most books – especially with a full time job and two small children that make it hard to keep my eyes open when I finally have the chance, however, this dramatic journey kept me alert. I, like many, enjoy a good psychological thriller – but this one had all the elements needed to make it a great one!

By c-luon

Psychological Drama

This story is set in Africa, post Apartheid but still very traditional in terms of women’s roles. Stevens provides bits and pieces of a complex puzzle, including some of the politics and social norms. At times predictable, at times graphic, the story unfolds as Margot’s motivations and actions take twists and turns leading her to behaviors not fathomable and acknowledged by her husband.

By Linda “Dog lover”

A Gripping Thriller

I found The Wayward Wife to be a mesmerizing read. The story of a middle-aged woman, experiencing what seems to be at first an ordinary mid-life crisis, soon escalates into sex, murder, mayhem and madness. The characters, especially the protagonist, Margot, are complex and believable. The setting is in post-apartheid South Africa and the infusion of different cultural elements enhances the story and draws the reader in. The plot moves along effortlessly and it is a book that is difficult to put down.

By J.M. Northup

Interesting and Refreshing!

This was an interesting book to read. It was a refreshing story line with realism, romance, and a glimpse into the human psyche of the melancholy of ageing. I look forward to more of this author’s work!

By Taylor

This novel follows the outlandish fate of bored housewife Margot as her pursuit of solutions to her mid-life crisis spiral out of control. The story takes a while to get going but it’s an interesting read. At times the story could be too graphic for some readers, but the author does a good job of building the complex plot lines towards a gripping, inevitable yet surprising conclusion. Anyone into psychological thrillers can’t help but to enjoy this book.

By Amazon Buyer

A captivating story

This is a captivating story, set in Cape Town, South Africa. The author has wrote a thrilling, physiological drama, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It is well written an edited, and the author has a natural ability to suck you into the story and make you become invested in the characters. Although graphic at times, I felt this was justified and added to the drama of the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more work from Dale Stevens.

By Alex “e.s.p. press “

An exciting and mysterious thriller which I would recommend.

The Wayward Wife was a gripping story that captured my attention with its raw psychological drama. The characters and their stories were both very well written. There were some very intense and graphic aspects of this book. However, these were appropriate to the setting and the subject matter I felt. Overall, this was an exciting and mysterious thriller which I would recommend.

By George Wilder Jr.

Top Storyteller

Beautifully and very well written. Good formatting. Dale Stevens is about as good as a storyteller can be. This is one damn good page turner. There is no doubt, Fisher has a pulse on what most America readers want. This is a wonder read, this is a wonderful story. Highly Recommended.

By Pam

Good story

Interesting story. It kept you reading to see what was going to happen next. Surprise ending. Would recommend reading it.

By Nik G

Excellent drama

It’s great. The South African setting is something new, usually its US or Europe so this is refreshing. So far I do not think this book will have a happy ending but that is usually the case with great reads. A very complex psychological drama, a great read.

By Oliver Kingham

Tight Writing and a Thrilling Plot

It is rare for me to pick up a mystery thriller, but this one is certainly worth it. From the opening paragraph, the novel drives on with ever-building suspense. The writing is tight, and the dialogue crackles. A good plot should be unpredictable, but at the same time inevitable, and David Fisher certainly delivers here.

By Brian Esp

Couldn’t stop reading it

This book is a real page turner. I barely noticed that a few hours have passed by reading it. There’s a lot of tension and drama built in this book.

By Dusty Northup

I don’t read a lot, but my wife asked me to read this book and I’m glad she did. It was a good story line and I recommend it to other readers.





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